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Created with you in mind, b4® hand sanitizer, cools, refreshes, cleans and moisturizes all while doing some good for our communities.  b4®'s 5 brightly colored gel packets are perfect for on-the-go, traveling, and in backpacks for kids' crazy adventures! 

Our purpose is to change lives through charitable giving. Created by Midway Advanced Products, b4® is committed to giving 50% of the profits from the sale for our unique wellness products to children-focused causes through The Midway Foundation. The Foundation has donated more than $2.5 million to 150 organizations since its inception.

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Yellowstone Academy is where potential meets opportunity!


At Yellowstone Academy students receive an education that cultivates their intellect, nourishes their spirit, and empowers them to capitalize on their potential to create fulfilling futures for themselves. By providing an academically rigorous, Christian education, Yellowstone is answering the challenge of the education crisis that faces economically disadvantaged students. b4® through The Midway Foundation is a proud supporter of Yellowstone! Visit to learn more about how you too can help change lives!

How is b4® hand sanitizer different from other hand sanitizers?

b4® hand sanitizer was created with you in mind. We know convenience is key in today’s on-the-go lifestyle, so we’ve created single-use, hand sanitizer packets that are perfect for traveling anywhere, including your kids’ backpacks. Our hand sanitizer cools, refreshes, cleans and moisturizes your hands with a light scent. The gel packs come in 5 brightly-colored packets that you and your kids will love. Best of all, the peace of mind you’ll have from knowing your kids have a convenient way to stay healthy while you’re doing some good for our communities, because b4® gives back to child-focused charities.


What could I use b4® single-use packs for?

b4® goes wherever you go! Throw them in your purse or pocket for travel on the weekend. Put them in your kids’ lunchbox or backpack. They’re so small that you can even keep one in your wallet. These single-use packs are perfect for travel – planes, trains, cars, buses, boats…you name it. Try them out on your next family camping trip, at an outdoor concert, or trip to the grocery store. Your hands (and your health) will thank you.


Where are b4® products made?

All of b4® products are proudly made in the United States. The b4® headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.


I’ve heard that some hand sanitizer containing triclosan can be harmful. Is b4® hand sanitizer safe?

Yes, b4® products are safe, gentle on hands and are triclosan-free. Triclosan has been linked to producing higher incidence of hay fever and allergy risks, especially among children. b4® is committed to providing the best sanitizer products and improving the lives of children and their families.


How effective is b4® hand sanitizer?

b4® effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed. Make sure to rub hands together after applying b4® hand sanitizer until they are dry. Do not use water with the hand sanitizer. b4® also moisturizes hands with Vitamin E and aloe.


Where can I get b4 products?

b4® products are available on Amazon, Magellan's Travel and at select H-E-B Grocery Stores.  Search retailers on our website. You can also purchase b4 products at our online store.


Does b4® ship anywhere in the USA?

No, the standard option for shipping our products is via Ground service, which means they are not available for shipments to Hawaii , Alaska, or international  There is a shipping fee that will be added onto your product total; however, orders more than $35 ship for FREE. Our products are considered hazardous materials and are therefore restricted by the U.S. Department of Transportation to ship by air.  


Can the b4® packs be customized with my company’s brand?

Of course! We would love to partner with your company to create co-branded gel packs and packaging. We can customize the packets to match your color scheme, fonts and logo to effectively reflect your brand. These unique packets will expand your company’s brand, while supporting b4®’s worthwhile causes.

b4® has already co-branded with many businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, legal and financial industries as well as medical facilities.  To find out more information and start branding your own gel packs, call 888.522.3868 or email


Who has b4® partnered with?

Transportation: Houston Airport Systems, United Airlines, WESSCO International Aries Worldwide Logistics, Linstol 

Charities: Canstruction Houston, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Houston, Houston Children Give Back, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Hospitality: Lodgeworks, The RK Group, Valencia Group

Medical: Memorial Hermann Healthcare Systems, Memorial Hermann Ambulatory Services, Rosewood ENT

Financial: Amegy Bank, Cadence Bank, Horizon Investments, Wells Fargo

Legal: Cokinos, Bosien & Young, BoyarMiller, Holt & Young, Hoover & Slovacek LLP, Wilson & Franco

Real Estate: CBRE, Heritage Texas Properties, Levcor, Midway, Transwestern

Distributors: ABM Janitorial, Ben E. Keith Foods, Darden, Federal Building Services, Sysco Foods, U.S. Foods

I heard b4® gives back to kids. How does this work?

b4® is committed to improving the lives of children in our communities, whether it’s through wellness provided by our products or through funding to vital organizations. We give 50% of all profits from the sale of our unique wellness products to children-focused causes through The Midway Foundation. The Foundation has donated more than $2 million to 150 organizations since its inception. 

There are no extra steps that you need to take to give back through b4® – it’s all included in our mission. Every time you purchase a b4® hand sanitizer product, you enable contributions to be made administered by the Midway Foundation that support both local and national charities benefitting children-focused organizations with education, hunger and sustainable initiatives.  give well – live well®.


Where can I learn more about b4® products?

If you would like more information about b4®, contact: 

Partnership/New Business Relationships/Sales

Carla Curtis, Vice President-Business Development

Midway Advanced Products, LLC

Phone: 888.522.3868



Ariba Discovery:


Brightly colored and cleverly convenient, the b4® product line includes a 25-count and 50-count cylinder of gel packs, 500-count box gel packs, 8-oz pump bottle, 15ml tube (Alcohol Free), single-use wipes (Alcohol-Free), and 800ml wall dispenser refills.  At this time we are unable to ship to post office boxes. 


Filled with eye-popping, boldly colored single-use gel hand sanitizer packs, these cylinders are perfect for on the go and fit conveniently into your car drink holder. 25ct cylinders sold exclusively at H-E-B

- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
- light scent
- moisturizes with vitamin e and aloe
- portable for on-the-go
- made in the U.S.A.

Single Use Gel Packets

Packaged in eye-popping, bold colors, these single-use gel hand sanitizer packs are convenient for use before a meal, while traveling, in the kiddo's lunchbox or anytime on the go.

- Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 65%
- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
- light scent
- moisturizes with vitamin e and aloe
- portable for on-the-go
- made in the U.S.A.

500 count Box -  (b4hspc500) $35

Hand Pumps

When soap and water aren't around, say bye-bye to germs with b4 hand sanitizer. The same great product you've come to love in the single-use packets but perfect for the home or office.

- 8oz hand pump bottle

- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria

- moisturizes with vitamin E and aloe

- made in the U.S.A.

Blister Packs

Conveniently packaged with eye-popping single-use hand sanitizer packs, blister packs are perfect for on-the-go, travel and in school backpacks. 

- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
- light scent
- moisturizes with vitamin E and aloe
- made in the U.S.A.

Wall Dispensers

Our wall mount dispenser refills offer the same great b4® hand sanitizer product in a convenient wall mount design. One order is a case of 12 refiill bags.  Dispensers and Stands available upon request.

- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
- light scent
- moisturizes with vitamin E and aloe
- made in the U.S.A.

Cutlery Kits

Individually packaged cutlery kits include a fork, knife, spoon, napkin, salt and pepper, and a brightly packaged single-use gel hand sanitizer pack. Cutlery kits are perfect for school backpacks, to-go lunches and spontaneous picnics. 

- specially formulated to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
- light scent
- moisturizes with vitamin E and aloe
- portable for on-the-go
- made in the U.S.A.

Co-Branded Products

Interested in creating unique packets or pumps for your business? b4® offers companies the opportunity to customize your order to accurately reflect your branding message to clientele, while supporting b4ʼs worthwhile causes. Call 888.522.3868 to find out more!

Wipes - single use (Alcohol Free)

Every successful wellbeing plan begins with cleanliness.  b4®  you fly – tell the germs goodbye.  Fewer germs = fewer sick days. #flyhealthy

Alcohol Free - Moisturizing

Travel Size

15ml tube - Alcohol Free


Recyclable Packaging

b4® 15ml tubes are sophisticated and the crisp packaging will appeal to business minded professionals.

Where to Buy

 Hand Sanitizer 8 oz. bottleSingle Use Packs (25 count). Click the H.E.B Logo to purchase online.

 Single Use Packs (50 count). Click the Magellan's Logo to purchase online.

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Charitable Product Donations for Eligible Non-profit Organizations

To be considered for a b4® charitable product donation, you must be a non-profit tax-exempt organization located within the immediate locations where we operate. Individual consumers seeking free samples for themselves or others are not eligible.

Corporate Contribution

Midway Advanced Products, LLC, the brand owner and third party distributor of b4® products, is committed to social responsibility through selective support of non-profit organizations in the communities where we operate, and in circumstances where communities are facing emergency needs.


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